Our workshops are held periodically at difference locations and some of those workshops are open to the public. Please check our webpage for upcoming public workshops.

Any of our BlueDragon workshops can be delivered at client sites.  Limits on class sizes way by workshop.  Please contact us to review your problem-solving needs and a customized quote. 


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BlueDragon Root Cause Analysis
has been re-engineered to exceed today's demanding, fast paced operating environments 


Transform Your Team Into Great Problem-solvers! 



  • Learn the difference between Data Analysis and Causal Analysis and how to develop insights from the results of any data analysis and incorporate those insights into the causal analysis. 

  • Understand what goes into "Critical Thinking" and how to apply critical thinking tools as the foundation for problem-solving. 

  • Understand the fundamentals of root cause analysis, including the basic building blocks of cause and effect and 5-Whys, cause trees, and the fundamental approach of most root cause methods. 

  • Understand how the "Anatomy of an Event" prompts us to look for latent weaknesses in the right areas, and that every event is an opportunity to identify and address as many latent weaknesses as possible. 


  • Learn how to use a single, scalable framework to conduct simple cause analysis, apparent cause analysis or root cause analysis.  

  • Learn how BlueDragon integrates many tools that have been traditionally been used separately, including: barrier analysis, comparative timeline analysis, change analysis, task analysis, events & causal factors charting and the fishbone.  

  • Learn the Lean and Agile techniques that are used to make the BlueDragon complex problem-solving process extremely efficient, including: less use of critical resources, the elimination of almost all note-taking, and the dramatic reduction of lengthy validation, review and approval and report-writing processes.  The average time to complete a BlueDragon root cause analysis by our trained specialists is 4.5 days.  

  • Learn to use the BlueDragon Framework can be used as a story board to efficiently discuss the results of the analysis, to easily defend your analysis and to eliminate having to write a lengthy report.  


Download our Free BlueDragon Framework Template

BlueDragon templates are all on Excel and there is no special software to purchase. Download our free Excel template and start using BlueDragon today! 


  • Understand how the traditional definitions of "Root Cause" have inadvertently caused root cause analysis efforts to stop too soon, preventing us from identifying the deepest-seated causes. 

  • Learn where we should look for latent weaknesses using the "Anatomy of an Event."

  • Learn how to develop great Lines of Inquiry based on the critical review of available information/evidence and data analysis, and to attack a problem from multiple perspectives that include: human factors, programs and procedures, organizations, working environments, equipment/tools/material interfaces, and management & oversight interfaces. 

  • Learn how to use Socratic Questioning (i.e. it's like 5-Why's on steroids) to conduct cause and effect analysis. 

  • Learn how to look for common causes, and how to identify and validate the root causes.

  • Learn about mistake proofing and effective actions to prevent recurrence of identified root causes.  

  • Understand how the traditional definitions of "Root Cause" have also created "blind-spots," eliminating the need to conduct Extent of Cause Reviews (many clients confuse Extent of Condition with Extent of Cause)



  • Through the integration of many analysis tools that are traditionally conducted separately, as well as through the use of Lean and Agile techniques, the average time to complete a BlueDragon root cause analysis is approximately one week

  • Subject Matter Experts are used sparingly (usually less than two hours each) and are not required to be tied up as a full-time team member.  

  • The BlueDragon Framework is completely scalable, so you don't have to switch tools when an event is elevated to a higher significance level mid-way through the investigation.  

  • The BlueDragon Framework can be (should be) used proactively upon the identification of a negative trend, to uncover the root causes before they result in a significant event.  

  • BlueDragon Critical Thinking and Complex Problem Solving is an advanced method that more accurately identifies the true deepest-seated causes of events, issues or trends, helping organizations to spend their time and resources on correcting the right things. 

  • BlueDragon is one of the most effective methods for investigating Industrial Safety incidents because it forces us to look far deeper than the human errors that often trigger the events.  


Our public workshops are are a cost-effective way for small groups to participate, or for companies that want to send a few personnel to audit the course prior to determining if BlueDragon fits their needs. They are also a great place to meet causal analysts from your own or different industries and offer great networking opportunities. Public workshops are conveniently scheduled at different venues throughout the year. 


For groups of 16 or more, we offer the choice of hosting a workshop at your own location, eliminating the need for travel and associated costs.  Workshops can be scheduled at a convenient time for the host, and participants are available two extra days of the week because they are not traveling to a different location. With enough advanced planning, we can also provide some level of customization for certain industries. 


We have skilled root cause practitioners that are available to facilitate or lead your team of subject matter experts through an efficient and effective analysis of your most complex issues, events or safety incidents.  Using BlueDragon's lean, agile, flexible and cost-effective tools and techniques, the vast majority of BlueDragon root cause analyses have been completed in one week.   


If BlueDragon is a race car, you also need a great pit crew to win races. We offer on-going consulting services to back up the training with coaching and mentoring of causal analysts.  We also evaluate existing RCA and Corrective Action Programs and implementing procedures, and can proactively evaluate adverse trends or poorly performing programs and processes before they cause major issues or events.