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Critical Thinking and 

Complex Problem Solving Workshops


Root Cause Analysis


"Skills to help us thrive in the age of Artificial Intelligence"

Avoid Repeat Events

Avoid Loss of Time

and Resources

Avoid Loss of Competitive Advantage

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“Rob really showed us what the process of creative critical thinking can look like. The level at which he was able to connect with the groups helped us internalize the value of his lessons beyond a mere presentation or lecture. The tools he taught helped us reorganize ourselves and our understanding of our challenge, which reframed where we were and gave us a sense of where to go next.”


Drey Tengan, Princeton Class of ’20 
(Member of the team working on improving the care for the homeless in NYC) 

BlueDragon is next gen root cause

BlueDragon is a State-of-the-Art Framework

for Conducting
Root Cause Analysis, Apparent Cause Analysis and Safety/Accident Investigations

"With the advent of computers and smart phones, critical thinking and complex problem solving are becoming a lost art.  BlueDragon strengthens the organization's critical thinking and complex problem solving skills and helps management understand that these skills are essential core business practices that cannot be replaced by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence"

- Rob De La Espriella, BlueDragon's Creator  

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Many of Our Clients Face Similar Problems: 

Latent Weaknesses
Recurring Problems
Lost Time and Resources
Weak RCA Methods

BlueDragon Helps Clients To: 

Avoid Lost Time and Resources
Avoid Repeat Events
Improve Regulatory Confidence
BlueDragon Logo-MASTER-R1.jpg the next major advancement in causal analysis since Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa presented  his “Fishbone Diagram” at the University of Tokyo in 1943.  

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“Through our implementation of the BlueDragon methodology, CNS is achieving a very positive culture change at our plants by providing a consistent and effective set of tools to managers to aid them in the identification of true root causes."

- Chris Clark, Director of Contractor Assurance at CNS - Pantex and the Y-12 National Security Complex 

As a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.), DLE Technical Services has agreed to abide by PMI-established quality assurance criteria

“On behalf of Fluor B&W Ports, I would like to offer my personal thanks for teaching your DLE Root Cause and Event Investigation course at our Piketon,OH training facilities… We sent a wide cross section of our personnel to attend the training, including managers, operators, mechanics and safety representatives, and the feedback we received has been extremely positive. You did an outstanding job of helping our personnel understand the fundamentals of causal analysis that will help us create an excellent problem solving organization. Your material was top notch and your subject matter expertise and delivery of the course content were way above average. Again, I thank you for providing excellent training that has contributed to improving our problem solving culture at Fluor B&W Portsmouth.”  




- Dennis Carr

Program Manager

Fluor B&W Porstmouth

The BlueDragon Root Cause workshops you provided at both [DUF6] sites were extremely well received by our staff as well as the DOE and their Technical

Support representatives in attendance. It increased our ability to discern and dissect our problems, and provided an important addition to the UDS “toolbox”. By more effectively identifying the causes of our issues and events we were able to target our Corrective Actions to mitigate recurrence and improve our overall performance. Your understanding and use of the BlueDragon root cause method is best-in-class and on behalf of UDS and myself, I extend my sincerest 


- Paul Kreitz


 Uranium Disposition Services