Spend More Time and Resources on the Mission

Accurately Identify What's Actually Causing Your Problems

Prevent Events from Recurring and Reduce Your Backlogs

What is Covered in the 6-hour Workshop

  • Problem solving terms and definitions

  • Defining human-centric problems that cannot be solved by math and science alone

  • A typical graded approach to causal analysis 

  • Introduction to Critical Thinking​​

  • The anatomy of an event and the anatomy of a root cause

  • The basic building blocks for solving problems of any complexity, including why staircases, cause trees, and cause & effect analysis 

  • Introduction to the BlueDragon Framework for solving problems of any complexity

  • BlueDragon's Hyper-integrated Causal Analysis (HCA)

  • Barrier Analysis, Comparative Timeline/Task/Change Analysis 

  • The 2-phased approach for solving complex problems

  • The differences between data analysis and causal analysis

  • How to generate great Lines of Inquiry 

  • Your role as a BlueDragon Team Leader or Team Member 

  • Case Studies to reinforce causal analysis fundamentals 

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Are you bogged down with recurring problems or events and increasing corrective action backlogs?  Do you want to stop wasting money and resources on problems you can’t seem to solve and return to your mission critical tasks? 


You are not alone, but most of the problems we face day-to-day in our personal and professional lives are not the kind that can be solved by math and science. There is a whole other universe of problems that are less understood and difficult to solve.

That is because, when we insert humans into the mix, it changes everything.  The way we humans interact with each other, across organizations, and in general how we interface with the world around us, is highly unpredictable and nearly impossible to model using formulas or equations.  We call this other universe of issues “COMPLEX, HUMAN-CENTRIC” problems, and they require a different set of skills to solve; critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills. The BlueDragon Critical Thinking and Complex Problem Solving Method was specifically designed to solve this other universe of human-centric problems. 

In this 6-hour entry-level Fundamentals of Complex Problem Solving virtual workshop, we will identify how human-centric problems cause the kinds of events we deal with almost every day, and the fundamental skills you need to solve these problems.  You will be also introduced to the BlueDragon Framework and our Hyper-integrated Causal Analysis approach, a modern, lean and agile methodology that identifies the deepest-seated causes of the most complex human-centric problems with amazing speed and accuracy.

The workshop will also have demonstrations and an interactive exercise that will help you gain a deeper understanding of the key concepts of critical thinking and complex problem-solving.  This workshop is also one of the prerequisites for those that are seeking their Root Cause Analysis practitioner certification.


For more information on the BlueDragon Critical Thinking and Complex Problem Solving Method, visit us on the web by clicking on this link.


Q: Will I receive credit for the workshop? 

Participants that successfully complete the workshop will obtain the 6 contact hours. The contact hours will be listed on the Certificate of Completion. 


Q: How long does it take to receive the Certificate of Completion? 

Certificates are emailed within 48 hours of receipt of the Workshop Evaluation Form. 


Q: What do I have to do to complete the workshop successfully? 

You need to attend the complete workshop and turn in the Workshop Evaluation Form. 


Q: What happens if I have technical difficulties watching or hearing the online workshop?

You will receive a free pass (voucher) good for the same workshop the next time it is presented. If you have trouble with the audio, we recommend you using the call-in option. 


BD-101E: Critical Thinking Fundamentals – Virtual

This 2-hour web-based training is designed for everyone that wants to enhance their understanding of critical thinking and improve their critical thinking skills.  The course provides a working definition of critical thinking and teaches ways to apply critical thinking in every day life.  The course also provides an introduction to the BlueDragon Critical Thinking and Complex Problem Solving Method.  


BD-102E: BlueDragon Refresher Training – Virtual

This 4-hour web-based training is designed for personnel that have very little or no previous experience with solving problems that cannot be solved with Math, Physics, Chemistry, or any of the main Sciences. The course explains the skills needed to solve complex problems involving human performance, equipment failures and organizational and programmatic breakdowns, and the tools and techniques that are available.


BD-103E: BlueDragon Indoctrination for Managers – Virtual

In this 3-hour web-based training, we will define the human-centric problems that plague organizations such as yours, costing time and money to document, evaluate and correct.  Managers will be introduced to the BlueDragon Hyper-integrated Causal Analysis approach, a modern, lean and agile methodology that identifies the deepest-seated causes of the most complex human-centric problems with amazing speed and accuracy.


BD-201: BlueDragon Critical Thinking and Complex Problem Solving for Practitioners – Live

Our premier workshop: This instructor-led, intensive 3-day workshop is designed for root cause practitioners, facilitators and team leaders that need to develop proficiency in conducting root cause, apparent cause analyses and safety/accident investigations. Case studies allow attendees to develop proficiency using the BlueDragon Framework. Workshops are offered at various public venues or can be hosted by private clients.



"Best training ever!  You've given me an exponential leg up with the BlueDragon Framework.  I think your method will revolutionize the industry!"

- February 2020

"I am recommending for implementation at TVA-Nuclear.  This is the most practical and effective tool I have seen. "

- February 2020

In 2017, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS) adopted BlueDragon as an integral part of Contractor Assurance (CAS).  


“The CAS, of which the BlueDragon Causal Analysis process is a significant part, has driven substantial performance improvement throughout our company.  In the last two years we have cut our personnel error events in half, have seen a significant increase in resources available to perform mission critical tasks, and have had an increase in production of 25%.”

Stuart MacVean

SRNS President and CEO 


Speaking at the Oct 2019 BlueDragon User's Group Meeting (Pictured here with Rob, BlueDragon's creator)

“Through our implementation of the BlueDragon methodology, CNS is achieving a very positive culture change at our plants by providing a consistent and effective set of tools to managers to aid them in the identification of true root causes."

Chris Clark 

Director of Contractor Assurance at CNS  

Pantex and the Y-12 National Security Complex



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