Federal Government Clients

§ Air Force Research Laboratory 

§ Stanford National Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC)

§ Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

§ Lawrence Livermore National Lab

§ Pacific Northwest National Lab 

§ Los Alamos National Lab DOE Site Office

§ Idaho National Lab DOE Site Office

§ DOE Office of Waste Management (EM-30)

§ DOE Office of Disposal Operations (EM-31)

§ DOE Office of Disposition Planning and Policy (EM-32)

§ DOE Office of River Protection (Hanford, WA)

§ DOE Office of Finance and Accounting (CF-10)

§ EMCBC Office of Cost Estimating and Project Management Support

§ Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) 

Commercial Clients

§ N3B Los Alamos

§ Schneider Electric - Switzerland

§ Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co.

§ AMEC United States Nuclear Services

§ Atomic Energy of Canada Limited

§ Candu Energy

§ Fluor

§ Bechtel

§ UCOR (AECOM-Jacobs) 

§ Nuclear Fuel Services

§ Michigan State U - Facility for Rare Isotope Beams 

§ Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory 

§ Savannah River Remediation

§ Savannah River Nuclear Solutions 

§ S. M. Stoller

§ Fluor-B&W Portsmouth

§ LATA Environmental Services of KY

§ Paducah Remediation Services (PRS) 

§ Uranium Disposition Services (UDS) 

§ Surry Nuclear Power Station

§ North Anna Nuclear Power Station

§ Kewaunee Nuclear Power Station

§ Tennessee Valley Authority

§ ENTERGY Nuclear Division