Our workshops are held periodically at difference locations and some of those workshops are open to the public. Please check our webpage for upcoming public workshops.

Any of our BlueDragon workshops can be delivered at client sites.  Limits on class sizes way by workshop.  Please contact us to review your problem-solving needs and a customized quote. 


rob.dle@dle-services.com  |  Tel: 772-341-1093

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Commercial Clients

§ Schneider Electric - Switzerland

§ Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co.

§ AMEC United States Nuclear Services

§ Fluor

§ Savannah River Remediation

§ Savannah River Nuclear Solutions 

§ S. M. Stoller

§ Uranium Disposition Services (UDS) 

§ Surry Nuclear Power Station

§ North Anna Nuclear Power Station

§ Kewaunee Nuclear Power Station

§ Tennessee Valley Authority

§ ENTERGY Nuclear Division 

Federal Government Clients

§ Air Force Research Laboratory 

§ Stanford National Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC)

§ Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

§ Idaho National Lab DOE Site Office

§ DOE Office of Waste Management (EM-30)

§ DOE Office of Disposal Operations (EM-31)

§ DOE Office of Disposition Planning and Policy (EM-32)

§ DOE Office of River Protection (Hanford, WA)

§ DOE Office of Finance and Accounting (CF-10)

§ EMCBC Office of Cost Estimating and Project Management Support

§ Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP)