Commercial Projects


Schneider Electric 

NQA-1 Program Upgrade: DLE traveled to Zurich, Switzerland and guided the senior management of Schneider Electric during the recovery from a €10,000,000 stop work order from Westinghouse, which included a major upgrade of their NQA-1 Program and training and indoctrination of the staff to prepare them for evaluations by Westinghouse and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commision.  

AMEC US Nuclear Services 

NQA-1 Program Development: DLE provided an acting Quality Manager and world class subject matter expert to develop their QA Program in compliance with 10 CFR 50 Appendix B and NQA-1-2008 (NQA-1a-2009 Addenda) requirements. DLE prepared the Quality Assurance Manual, Quality Assurance Procedures and Standard Operating Procedures, trained the management and staff in the US and Canada and successfully guided the organization through vendor certification audits.

CANDU Energy

Management Diagnostic: DLE developed the plan to diagnose quality problems that had resulted in poor sales and cost overruns of approximately $1.2 billion over the previous 5 years. The DLE assessment used assessment criteria from international quality and performance excellence awards standards, including the US Balridge Award, the Canadian Quality Award, Juran Quality Principles and Deming Quality Principles.  DLE also taught root cause and mentored the CANDU Director of Quality Assurance. 

US Navy 

Training: The DLE-PES SAXON team has been awarded contracts to provide training on "Introduction to Supply Chain Management" to Navy supply chain personnel at the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) at Mechanicsburg and Philladelphia PA.

Fluor B&W Portsmouth 

Senior Policy Advisor: DLE provided a Senior Policy Advisor to help the management team address dozens of DOE concerns with site Safety performance issues.  DLE provided FBP with a framework and project management plan for a Safety Culture transformation.  DLE also led the FBP organization through the conduct of three root cause evaluations and taught root cause to a cross section of over 60 management and staff.

Paducah Remediation Services (PRS)

Executive Coaching and Mentoring: DLE provided a Mentor to the Site Project Manager help improve the PRS Integrated Safety Management Systems (ISMS) after poor performance on two consecutive annual DOE audits of ISMS, along with significant performance deficiencies in meeting project milestones.  DLE also conducted team building sessions to improve the strained relationship between the prime contractor and DOE management, and between the prime contractor and Bargaining Unit leadership. 

Savannah River Remediation (SRR) 

Conduct of Operations Advisors: DLE provided Conduct of Operations Advisors to provide oversight and mentoring of operators at SRR.  

Burns & MacDonnell

NQA-1 Program Upgrade: DLE led a team to conduct a gap analysis of the Nuclear Division's NQA-1 Program, and upgraded the program and implementing procedures to comply with both NQA-1-2008 (NQA-1a-2009 Addenda) and the DOE standard for Quality Assurance (DOE O 414.1D).  

Entergy Nuclear Division 

Root Cause Program Upgrade: DLE was contracted as a subject matter expert to develop a new 4-day Apparent Cause and Root Cause training course for Entergy's fleet of nuclear plants.  DLE was also asked to develop a one day course for managers, and a one day course specifically on identifying the root causes of Organizational and Programmatic weaknesses. 

Department of Energy Projects

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