Our workshops are held periodically at difference locations and some of those workshops are open to the public. Please check our webpage for upcoming public workshops.

Any of our BlueDragon workshops can be delivered at client sites.  Limits on class sizes way by workshop.  Please contact us to review your problem-solving needs and a customized quote. 


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The DLE Team has subject matter experts to help our clients improve their RCA, Corrective Action and Quality Assurance Programs


Using BlueDragon is Like Driving a Ferrari...
But a Great Driver Also Needs a Great Support Team to Win the Race!

Root Cause Analysis Support

Rob De La Espriella, the creator of BlueDragon, provides direct support to clients that require support in the form of a Team Leader or Facilitator to help solve a complex problem or an adverse trend of issues. Types of problems include human performance issues, equipment failures and Organizational & Programmatic breakdowns. Rob also provides support to clients that require an independent investigation as part of a mitigation strategy for potential Civil Penalties.  


For a list of recent root causes completed by Rob and a short bio, click here.   



The BlueDragon Framework is an Innovative Combination of Time-Tested Tools and Lean and Agile Techniques


We support regulated industries that require a strong corrective action program to identify the causes of significant issues and take actions to precent recurrence.  Count on us when you need an independent investigation, or when the complexity of the issue or event is beyond the capabilities of your own subject matter experts. Many of our clients wait until their projects are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars per day in schedule delays and other costs, and they face external investigations from regulators.  Don't wait...BlueDragon can get to the deepest-seated causes of the most complex of issues within a few weeks.      


Let us help you build a proactive and effective Root Cause Analysis Program that fits seamlessly within your Corrective Action Program. Our subject matter experts have decades of experience in building RCA and CAP programs at commercial nuclear plants, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Department of Energy National Laboratories and their prime contractors, and Engineering/Construction/Procurement firms.  We will work hand-in-hand with your process owners to build on your current program and in many cases, drastically reduce the "administrivia" that often plagues such programs.   


Since 2007, our Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA) subject matter experts have developed or upgraded QA Programs for clients in the Federal Government and the commercial nuclear industry.  This includes: establishing new QA Program Manuals and implementing procedures from scratch, such as the one for AMEC US Nuclear Services; strengthening existing QA programs for commercial clients such as Burns and MacDonald; and helping clients resolve QA Findings and Non-conformances, such as helping Schneider Electric in Zurich, Switzerland to respond to a $11,000,000 Stop Work Order from Westinghouse.   We provide similar services for evaluating and enhancing Contractor Assurance Systems and related procures.   


Since 2012, our parent company, DLE Technical Services, LLC, has been a prime contractor for the Department of Energy's Office of Environmental Management. DLE is registered in SAM and has won dozens of government contracts.  We are open to partnering with other companies for bidding on government contracts where BlueDragon would be a differentiator in proposals that require strong Corrective Action, Contractor Assurance and Root Cause Analysis Programs.