Root Cause Analysis Support

Rob De La Espriella, the creator of BlueDragon, provides direct support to clients that require support in the form of a Team Leader or Facilitator to help solve a complex problem or an adverse trend of issues. Types of problems include human performance issues, equipment failures and Organizational & Programmatic breakdowns. Rob also provides support to clients that require an independent investigation as part of a mitigation strategy for potential Civil Penalties.  


For a list of recent root causes completed by Rob and a short bio, click here.   



QA Program Upgrades or Development
(NQA-1, ISO-9001, DOE O 414.1D)


DLE provides technical support for developing or upgrading QA Programs and QA Program Indoctrination.  In addition, for improving the Quality Culture of the company, implementing Continuous Improvement programs, establishing effective Oversight Strategies, ensuring there is Defense in Depth and eliminating the Cost of Poor Quality.