"Training Must be Constant and Rigorous!"

Every day must be a training day! We must focus the training on the tasks in every job description that have the highest probability of causing us grief. These are the high risk, low frequency, non-discretionary time events. We must assure that all personnel are adequately trained to address the tasks that give them no time to think, and that they understand the value of thinking things through when time allows.


- Admiral H. Rickover

Launch of the USS Nautilus (SSN-571)

January 21, 1954

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BlueDragon Critical Thinking and Complex Problem Solving Workshops 

BlueDragon is an advanced framework for conducting root cause analysis, apparent cause analysis and accident investigations at complex operating facilities, scientific environments and regulated industries.  BlueDragon stresses critical thinking and provides lean and agile techniques for complex problem solving. The workshop and instructor have been certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI), and the course awards 27 credit hours of continuing education for PMPs and other professionals.  

Accelerate! Workshops that Energize Organizations and Careers

Our high energy workshops are specifically designed with a mix of research-based concepts from Harvard and other highly respected sources, proprietary concepts developed by leading experts in their field, and experiential activities that allow participants to develop proficiency in using new skills.  

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DLE can help develop new training progams or assist in evaluating and enhancing current programs, using our experienced staff.  


DLE uses a Systematic Approach to Training; ADDIE